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Preparing students for higher ed and beyond includes real-world skills, experiences (access required)

Adam Jay, a woodworking teacher at Hope Hall School, teaches a student the safe and proper way to use a sliding power miter saw.

The Rochester Business Journal reached out to private schools to see how they work with the greater Rochester community to ensure their students gain the skills they need when they graduate.

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Colleges and universities adapt to changing demographics, student preferences (access required)

Dramatic demographic shifts, along with changes to how and where students want to learn, are leading to a substantial transformation of recruitment and instruction strategies at higher education institutions.

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Experiential learning reveals changing higher ed landscape (access required)

A survey of Fisher’s past two graduating classes showed that 87% of undergraduates completed some form of practical or experiential learning experience during their time at the university and, of those, 40% completed two or more.

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Colleges developing more sophisticated health training (access required)

A crystal ball prediction for what’s next for higher education in health care fields might simply say “More.” More demand for graduates. More interest from prospective students. More curriculum requirements for entry-level degrees into the profession. More responsibilities added to ...

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