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Loyalty programs – what you should know about compliance with the CPPA (access required)

From the straightforward “buy 9 smoothies, get 1 free,” to sophisticated frequent flyer programs, loyalty programs are a staple in today’s consumer-driven market. These programs offer rewards, discounts, or other special incentives simply for repeat business. But does this simple ...

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Investment acumen or inside information? (access required)

If you had known, in early 2020, that you might be working from home during a multi-year, global pandemic, would you have bought Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Zoom)? Zoom had not yet become a household word when, during the first ...

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The importance of female mentorship, leadership, and innovation in banking (access required)

In my 10 years at Tompkins and 35 cumulative years in the banking field, I’ve witnessed the industry undergo several revolutionary changes — the automation of transactions, the evolution of technology, and most recently, the shift to all-virtual routine interactions. ...

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Will 2022 be the year of the vacation home? (access required)

With some COVID-19 restrictions relaxing and others already lifted, the smell of tourism is in the air. Demand for leisure travel is skyrocketing, and the booking pace for travel in the northern hemisphere spring is 49% higher than this time ...

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Making financial decisions: Responding vs. reacting (access required)

Jarrett Felton

“I don’t control life, but I can control how I react to it.” —Macklemore Isn’t life grand? Ok, let’s be honest — life can be pretty amazing. However, it’s no secret we’ve all experienced those times in life where it ...

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