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An invitation to remove your muzzle (access required)

A prominent local businessperson recently told me that he feels like he needs to “muzzle” himself when speaking with professional peers about climate change. It’s an issue he cares deeply about, which he has demonstrated by advancing environmental initiatives within ...

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Viewpoint: Caregiving during the holidays (access required)

With some planning and adjusted expectations holiday celebrations can still be joyous. The key is to check in with each other and agree that you may need to make some changes to the traditions that you’ve held dear.

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Give Yourself a Gift for 2023 (access required)

Nonprofit Management Jeff Paille

We’re well into the traditional holiday gift-giving season; but what kind of a gift can you give yourself and your not-for-profit organization?

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How small businesses can buffer inflation by joining a GPO (access required)

This column is a shout out to businesses worried about inflation, particularly small businesses. There is one action you can take right away to help ease inflationary pressure and your anxiety. Typically, business news focuses on the ABCs — Amazon ...

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Dollar-cost averaging for investors (access required)

informed investor sig

Against the backdrop of recent market volatility and record inflation, we are seeing renewed interest in an investment strategy known as “dollar-cost averaging.” Nearly fifty years after the publication of his seminal work titled A Random Walk Down Wall Street, ...

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Experimenting with the four-day work week (access required)

“Given all the challenges of the pandemic, including recruiting new people, our company is considering experimenting with a 4-day workweek. On one hand, I think our people would welcome the flexibility, but I’m worried that we’d only have the ability ...

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