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Let’s amplify everyone’s voice (access required)


As leaders, we’ve been talking, thinking and learning about diversity, inclusion and equity in our nation, communities and workplaces. Many of us are participating in the United Way of Greater Rochester’s 21-Day Racial Equity Challenge. And I’m heartened by the ...

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The SEC Report Card: 2020 (access required)


It was nearly 12 years ago that the arrest of Bernie Madoff stunned the world, bringing to light one of the largest financial frauds in history. Prior to his arrest in December 2008, Madoff was relatively unknown outside the financial ...

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The once-and-future privacy shield (access required)


The European Court of Justice’s July 2020 invalidation of the Privacy Shield threw much of the international business world into panic and confusion, given that over 5,300 companies — and trillions of dollars of U.S.-EU trade — had been relying ...

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