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Marketing planning for when it’s ‘normal’ again (access required)


Many businesses are struggling with the uncertainty of whether and when they can reopen and resume their operations. With the COVID-19 pandemic still present, state and local governments keep setting new directives in order to ensure public safety. For businesses ...

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Rapid turnaround COVID-19 tests offer promise to assisted living communities (access required)


During the first wave of COVID-19 in the spring of this year, assisted living communities across New York state reacted swiftly and comprehensively to minimize the spread of the virus within. Adult Care Facilities were mandated to test all staff ...

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Rochester small businesses deserve truth in lending (access required)


Here in Rochester, small businesses are doing all they can to stay afloat during the pandemic, changing their product offerings and taking out loans. Unfortunately, too many small businesses are still in the dark on the true cost of predatory ...

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Profits uber alles: Milton Friedman on business, Disney and Mulan (access required)

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Fifty years ago, in September 1970, the prominent economist Milton Friedman famously argued that the social responsibility of business was to increase its profits. This was a remarkable statement because it suggested very plainly that corporate executives did not really ...

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Carbon plan deserves support


A bipartisan bill recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives has the potential to help the U.S. make significant strides on carbon emissions while also helping the economy. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act— sponsored by Rep. Ted ...

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Next step for self-driving cars (access required)


The autonomous vehicle revolution, if it ever happens, will be a slow, lengthy process. But the next step in that process may have taken place this week. Waymo, Google’s self-driving car spinoff, on Wednesday started offering small-scale ride hailing service ...

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Kudos on giving; more needed (access required)


Rochester has always been a philanthropic community, following the example George Eastman set with his gifts that shaped and sustained many organizations. That spirit of generosity was on display yet again this week for the eighth annual ROC the Day, ...

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Amazon brings risks, rewards (access required)


When Amazon announced that it was soliciting bids from cities to become the site of a second headquarters, New York City and the Washington, D.C., area were among the immediate favorites to win. So it was no surprise this week ...

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Voter turnout encouraging (access required)


Whether or not you are happy with how your political party fared in Tuesday’s elections, everybody should be encouraged by the historically high voter turnout seen locally and across the nation. Early reports estimate that about 113 million people voted ...

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An apology to our community

The cartoon that ran in the Friday, Oct. 19 issue of the Rochester Business Journal should never have been published. We take full responsibility and apologize for our mistake. It does not reflect the views of this publication or its staff....

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A great opportunity for women (access required)


The Rochester Business Journal has long been proud to support women in business, and the events of the past year-plus have only highlighted the need for people and organizations to empower women whenever possible. The importance of having strong female ...

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Journalists deserve respect (access required)


There have always been parts of the world that are tremendously unsafe places for journalists to practice their trade. Those places usually include war zones and countries led by authoritarian regimes. This year, the danger for journalists is spreading to ...

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Kudos to UR scientists (access required)


The news that two of the three scientists sharing the 2018 Nobel Prize for Physics did their award-winning work at the University of Rochester’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics is further proof of the value of that institution. UR’s laser lab ...

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