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How Rochester is addressing the middle-skills gap

William Pollock, president and CEO of Optimation Technology

As the nation’s manufacturing sector contends with a middle-skills gap that may seem more like a deep chasm, Rochester-area manufacturers are divided on what that gap looks like locally and whether it has improved in recent years. Whether large or ...

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Rochester’s workforce is getting grayer

Dave Phillips of G.W. Lisk is an example of a worker who has semi-retired but is still contributing.

A tsunami warning has been issued for the Rochester business community. Call it the Silver Tsunami alert. As a society, we are growing old; which means the workforce is growing old. Nationally, 31 million jobs will become available next year ...

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Paychex puts emphasis on human resources amid tech shift

Tom Hammond, Paychex vice president of corporate strategy and product development; CEO Martin Mucci and Mike Gioja, senior vice president for corporate strategy and product development.

There is no talking about business in the Greater Rochester area without mentioning Paychex. Not only is it the largest publicly held company based in Monroe County, with $3.4 billion in revenue in the fiscal year ending May 31, 2018, ...

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RIT’s Munson discusses joys, challenges of his time in Rochester so far

David Munson

Rochester Institute of Technology, with its more than 19,000 students and focus on career-minded majors and job creation, is the fifth-largest employer in the Rochester area. Locally the university employs 4,123 people with the vast majority of those in full-time ...

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Dynamic market forces commercial real estate to evolve

Ken Greene, a real estate broker with WinnCompanies—which renovated the Sibley Building—has been active in Rochester real estate since 1990. He says he believes the center of business activity downtown has migrated east, from the Four Corners to Main and Clinton. (Photo courtesy of Ken Greene)

Although the once-vibrant Xerox Tower in Rochester stands vacant, Rochester’s downtown commercial real estate scene continues to reinvent itself, showing some needed resilience. “This is a very dynamic market right now, and it’s dynamic in different ways,” says Heidi Zimmer-Meyer, ...

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Millennials key drivers of housing market

Grace Browning in her  Spectra at Sibley Square apartment. (Photo by Julia Coronelli)

When Grace Browning arrived in Rochester from Dallas last year, she was looking for an apartment that was within her budget, was close to work and had some common amenities. And it had to be dog-friendly. “I couldn’t say exactly ...

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SALT cap not hitting local market—yet

Rich Battisti

The SALT cap hasn’t made itself felt in the Rochester area’s residential real estate market—so far. “The majority of our service area is not significantly affected,” says Andy Kachaylo, president of the Greater Rochester Association of Realtors, (GRAR) which serves ...

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Homebuyers find ways to succeed in a tight market

Anna and Thomas Babcock celebrate the purchase of their home in Irondequoit. The housing market locally is still tight, but buyers are

becoming more adept at navigating it with a little professional help. (Photo courtesy of Anna Babcock)

As first-time homebuyers, Anna and Thomas Babcock underwent a two-month, learn-as-you-go crash course on the state of real estate in Monroe County last fall. It wasn’t necessarily a pleasure cruise. They toured nearly two dozen homes, twice had their buying ...

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Combating sexual harassment is everyone’s business

Meaghan Lacey de Chateauvieux

You shrug off the first time a co-worker says you ought to wear more makeup, wear more feminine clothing, smile more. But the comments keep coming, even after telling your colleague the remarks are out of line. You’ve gone from rolling your eyes to being irritated...

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Lori VanAuken: Five Women I Admire

Lori VanAuken

There have been plenty of men who have influenced my path in life—my dad who instilled a strong work ethic; my supportive husband who reminds me to keep a balance of work, family and fun; former teachers, bosses and co-workers who have all helped me develop various skills and perspectives...

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Representation grows, yet still work to be done for women in politics

Lovely Warren

It's easy to forget in 2019 that there are still women alive today born at a time when women did not have the right to vote in the United States. In the grand history of our country, women holding elected office is a relatively recent development. It took until 1916 for a woman, Republican Jeannette Rankin of Montana, to be elected to Congress...

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Women and investing: Knowledge is power

Heather Goodbody

Is wealth management a short-term competition? The answer could very well depend on whom you ask. Men may be more likely to view their financial planning as an event within a finite timeframe—taking a “we-need-to-win-now approach”—while women may be more willing to look far into the future and not so much at the current score...

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