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Tech Tip: A few must-have smartphone apps

Salley Thornton

More than once I’ve said aloud, “Gosh, could I really use a personal assistant!” We teach our kids it’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. Nothing fits the bill better than smartphone apps that streamline, remind, organize and entertain...

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Giving Circles amplify individuals’ power to make a difference

Jennifer Leonard

It’s an old aphorism that no raindrop feels responsible for the flood—but what if we flipped that? What if a group of individuals recognized their own potential and combined each of their humble efforts? Could it form a mighty current ...

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Rochester companies feel it’s important to give back

Lauren Dixon

Individuals are often looking to give back to their community, and several Rochester-area companies say assisting employees in giving back and facilitating company-wide fundraising efforts is not only the right thing to do to improve local communities but the activities ...

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Female entrepreneurs share secrets to success


Three years ago, Yana Khashper and her partner, Sean Smith, started to feel their sobriety slipping. Both Khashper and Smith are in recovery from addiction, and they were becoming more and more isolated, Khashper says. “We were really heading down ...

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The art of taking over


Stepping into a leadership role at an established business requires a steady hand and a bit of finesse. The hurdles are many—and can include everything from shoring up an organization’s lackluster performance to reassuring an apprehensive staff. Susan Horne, president ...

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Finding ways to help others rewarding


Giving your time and energy to others can be its own reward. “I really believe that we’re at our best selves when we are serving others,” says Nicole VanGorder, COO and co-founder of Upstate Special Needs Planning. “I feel good ...

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Massive operation began with station wagon full of muffins

Foodlink nutrition educators Jason Stewart and Sarah Miner assist with a Cooking Matters at the Store event day. (Photo courtesy Foodlink)

It all started with the nooks and crannies. Foodlink Inc.’s first big donation, on Dec. 19, 1978, was a truckload of English muffins, donated when founder Tom Ferraro, who was working at the time for Action for a Better Community, ...

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Foodlink’s Community Kitchen creates more than just meals

Tim Wright loads New York State apples into the apple slicer inside Foodlink’s Value-Added Processing Center. (Photo courtesy Foodlink)

Foodlink’s Community Kitchen has been preparing meals for the hungry for 18 years, but it has grown to be so much more. It has evolved from an antiquated food preparation cookery on Joseph Avenue to a shiny, ultra-modern facility at ...

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Wegmans and Foodlink: A partnership to fight hunger

Danny Wegman speaks at Foodlink’s ribbon-cutting ceremony in 2017, celebrating the expansion and relocation of the Foodlink Community Kitchen. (Matt Wittmeyer/Foodlink)

  In the beginning, there was Tom Ferraro and there was Wegmans. In the 40-year history of Foodlink, it’s hard to distinguish whether there was a time that it existed without its largest benefactor, Wegmans, the nationally renowned grocery store ...

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Curbside Market visits neighborhoods year-round with fresh produce

The Curbside Market has weekly stops at many affordable housing communities, including Pinnacle Place Apartments on South Clinton Avenue. (Photo courtesy Foodlink)

Most people think ‘food bank’ when they think of Foodlink. While food pantries are an integral part of their mission, they have also initiated innovative food access programs like the Curbside Market. Mitch Gruber, chief programs officer at Foodlink, founded ...

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Personal contact as important as social media to stay connected

Truman Tolefree

We asked a group of 40 Under 40 alums how they stay connected to their peers, inside and outside their business sector. Keeping tabs on social media, attending community events, volunteering, joining organizations and good old-fashioned socializing out on the ...

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Forty Under 40 winners share lessons learned

David Tang

Success is often a product of hard work. So, too, is the ability to observe and the willingness to adapt. Four recent Forty Under 40 honorees share thoughts on the most important lessons they have learned on the job. On ...

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Many dimensions to good care of seniors needing assistance

Mike King

The move to a senior living facility can be one of the most difficult experiences in most people’s lives. It can strain family bonds, drain seniors’ wealth and, for the facilities themselves, place them in the challenging role of being ...

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Philanthropy group to honor 12 recipients

Anne McKenna has been called an "effective, creative and stimulating leader." (Provided)

Today, the Genesee Valley Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals will honor those who give back their community in celebration of National Philanthropy Day. This year, 12 honorees will be lauded for their philanthropic efforts. Since 1986, National Philanthropy ...

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