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College admissions scandal is more than just a crisis of confidence (access required)


Across Central and Western New York, thousands of graduating high school seniors will soon begin preparing for the next chapter of their lives as incoming members of the college class of 2023. They enter a higher education system that has ...

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New York marks Infrastructure Week

Stephen Dilts

This week marks the seventh annual national Infrastructure Week, bringing together members of both political parties, the private and public sectors, business and labor, and the producers and users of infrastructure, to speak with a collective voice. There are few ...

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New York’s prevailing problem (access required)

Brian Kolb

The smoke from Amazon’s tires as it peeled out of New York had barely cleared when Albany’s next bad-for-business measure started to pick up steam: expanding prevailing wage. Prevailing wage is a requirement in state labor law that dictates how ...

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Family businesses need strategies for success(ion)

Rama Yelkur

Family businesses are the economic engine of America and can range from a two-person “Mom and Pop” operation to a billion-dollar company that employs thousands. According to family business thought leader, Joseph Astrachan, 89 percent of businesses in the United ...

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Energy efficiency can help keep you warm, cut pollution and grow the economy

Ryan Puckett

This Saturday (Feb. 16), a Rochester home will serve as the centerpiece of the public television show “Home Diagnosis,” which airs locally on WXXI at 6:30 p.m. The show is a cross between “CSI” and “This Old House.” Experts diagnose ...

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Major downturn not likely but best to prepare anyway

Richard Glaser

I’m no Cassandra.  I’m a realist who started his career in the mid-1980s and has experienced many economic cycles.  The recent divergence between the economy’s performance and markets around the world reminded me of a column I wrote for the ...

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Should we abolish the mortgage interest tax deduction? (access required)


  In the current climate in which federal budget deficits are the rule rather than the exception, the question as to whether we should retain or eliminate the mortgage interest tax deduction keeps coming up. Proponents and opponents of the ...

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Software is leading the way in Rochester


It’s a great time to be in the software space in Rochester.  The “help wanted” signs are cluttering the digital storefront.  Experienced developers are company hopping and folks with business development experience as product managers, marketing pros and salespeople are ...

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Taxes and caps on carbon work differently but calibrating them poses same challenge


Virtually everything most people on earth do these days involves, either directly or indirectly, the combustion of oil, gas and coal. Burning these fossil fuels is generating carbon emissions, which accumulate in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. Since climate change ...

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George Eastman understood importance of music (access required)

Richard Glaser

  In 1920, George Eastman was a busy man. After creating one of the greatest technology companies, he directed his talent and energy to making Rochester into a world class city. This was the period when he relocated the University ...

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Entrepreneurs appreciate healthy urban environment (access required)

Richard Glaser

Lean Start Up is the widely accepted methodology for launching entrepreneurial endeavors. It relies on a process known as “customer discovery” to determine what potential clients want, how they make decisions and what they are willing to do to obtain ...

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Misconceptions on trade, universal basic income (access required)

Amitrajeet A. Batabyal

Americans who follow stories in the media rightly believe that income inequality within the United States has been rising in the past few decades. It is also true that during this same time, economic globalization—which involves the free movement of ...

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Plastic waste accumulating in Great Lakes (access required)


Awareness is rising worldwide about the scourge of ocean plastic pollution, from Earth Day 2018 events to the cover of National Geographic magazine. But few people realize that similar concentrations of plastic pollution are accumulating in lakes and rivers. One ...

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Trump’s trade war spells danger for U.S. (access required)


  As a lifelong Republican and a Republican County Committee member for over 50 years, I am alarmed by our president’s actions on foreign trade. His threats and statements about a trade war clearly indicate that he does not understand ...

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