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What is the value of free food? (access required)

Amit Batabyal

Food pantries clearly provide a valuable service to the general food assistance landscape in the United States. These pantries source food from food banks that are themselves frequently a part of the “Feeding America” network. The goal here is to ...

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Guest opinion: Americans need a national strategy on grief in 2023

The soaring demand for mental health services in the past couple of years, including therapy and counseling, further demonstrates that people need access to timely bereavement care provided by experts who are knowledgeable, experienced and trained in helping others cope with grief.

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Guest opinion: Rochester primed to build industry cluster in semiconductor chip packaging (access required)

New York has been making a strategic push to expand semiconductor manufacturing in the state for decades. It’s an economic priority that continues to grow stronger.

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Guest Opinion: Communicate your value for sales success (access required)

“A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing” Irish playwright Oscar Wilde wrote that line in 1892 for Lord Darlington in Lady Windermere’s Fan. Internationally acclaimed speaker, coach, author and friend, Leo ...

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How to make me NOT vote for you: A public service message for candidates (access required)

vote button

Here we go again. The election cycle is starting and we’re going to be subjected to another round of stories, press releases, advertising and phone calls. I vote independently. I am not a Republican, Democrat, conservative or liberal. I believe ...

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Remote work: are we missing valuable social interaction? (access required)

William H. Whyte was arguably our keenest observer of corporate America. He was a staff writer for Fortune magazine and his 1956 book, The Organization Man, sold in the millions. The book chronicled the white-collar conformity and commitment of corporate ...

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When business gets slow it’s time to train your staff (access required)

By the time April 2020 came around, we found ourselves at Flower City Communications as perplexed as every other business. Suddenly our customers were shut down or, at best, working from home. The clients we worked so hard to please ...

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How not to set policy to reduce the price of gasoline (access required)

High gas prices in the U.S. cause a lot of pain for Americans every time they take their vehicles to gas stations to fill up. To address the problem of high gas prices, the Biden administration announced in April that ...

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