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Excellus BCBS rolls out Medicare plan for local veterans  

Excellus BCBS rolls out Medicare plan for local veterans  

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield will offer a Medicare Advantage plan in 2023 targeting the needs of local veterans. 

Excellus BCBS rolls out Medicare plan for local veterans
Contestabile (submitted photo)

In addition to $0 premiums and low copays for doctor visits, Medicare Blue Choice Freedom (HMO-POS) includes: 

  • $0 copays for behavioral health visits; 
  • 12 one-way rides (50-mile limit per ride) annually to health-related locations at no cost; 
  • $35 Part B monthly premium refund, and 
  • Access to an expansive network of doctors and hospitals.   

Before deciding on plan benefits, Medicare employees at the health plan asked co-workers who served in the military for their perspectives on gaps in care faced by them and/or their fellow veterans. 

According to the feedback, veterans could benefit from more access to care, more help with transportation and more coverage for behavioral health.  

“We’re here for our community members – to be advocates,” said Rob Contestabile, a veteran and a competitive intelligence analyst at Excellus BCBS. “It’s important to recognize the service of our veterans and offer them a benefit that makes a difference.” 

Although Medicare Blue Choice Freedom was designed with veterans in mind, anyone Medicare eligible can enroll in the plan, the organization said.  

In addition to new benefits for Medicare Blue Choice Freedom, Excellus BCBS also added enhancements to its other 2023 Medicare Advantage including:  

  • A new $19 PPO plan with access to doctors locally and nationwide; 
  • A new $500 Flex Card to use toward dental, vision and hearing costs; 
  • Lower cost sharing and reduced premiums; 
  • $0 copays for preventive dental services, including exams, cleanings and X-rays; 
  • Comprehensive dental benefits with a $1,000 annual allowance, and   
  • Annual eyewear allowance of $125 or more depending on the plan.  

For more information, visit 

[email protected] / (585) 653-4021