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Lakeshore flooding project begins in Sodus Point

Lakeshore flooding project begins in Sodus Point

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Construction has begun on a $7.58 million Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI) project in the village of Sodus Point.

The project will protect public areas, businesses and homes along Wickham Boulevard and Greig Street from lakeshore flooding. The groundbreaking is a separate $310,000 project to install a dune system with vegetative stabilization at Sodus Point Beach to reduce flooding and improve the recreational and aesthetic values of the beach and surrounding areas, officials said.

The stabilization of the sand used to build the dunes was achieved with the help of dozens of volunteers who helped plant more than 10,000 grasses.

“Over the past several years, flooding on Lake Ontario devastated the infrastructure and economies of numerous communities throughout Upstate New York,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a statement Friday. “However, now thanks to the state’s historic REDI initiative, villages like Sodus Point are beginning to build back better. By taking a forward-looking approach, implementing critical flood mitigation measures along the shoreline and strengthening infrastructure, we are not only protecting residents and property but setting up the village’s tourism industry, which is so critical to the local economy, to thrive once again.”

The project will be undertaken by the village of Sodus Point with oversight by the Department of State. It includes important flood mitigation and water quality protection measures including replacing and adding storm sewers throughout the area.

New storm sewers will convey flood and stormwater to existing and proposed outlets and provide gate valves on all stormwater outlets. The new storm system also will reduce the amount of sediment and debris entering the bay. Additionally, a new seawall will help protect the area from flooding and erosion.

The project also will integrate public access and recreation improvements such as a multi-purpose conceptual design for the shoreline stabilization measures including a bench sitting area along the road for recreational opportunities, as well as installation of new pavements, gutters, curbs and sidewalks to serve as a pedestrian link between businesses and residential areas.

The Department of State also has been working with the village to address the loss of beachfront from erosion and flooding by building a protective dune system. The dune system increases flood protection and reduces risk through the installation of a nature-based shoreline feature that entailed placing sand along roughly 1,800 feet of impacted shoreline.

“Through the Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative, New York state has made a significant investment in the strength and future of our shoreline communities. Today’s groundbreaking paves the way toward a more secure infrastructure and the protection of businesses, homes and the treasured natural resources in this area of Sodus Point,” said Sen. Pamela Helming, R-Canandaigua. “Once completed, this project will also enhance economic development and tourism opportunities in the community.”

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