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Manufacturing jobs go begging (access required)


Manufacturing has grown up. It may not be the sexiest career choice, but gone are the days when you came home from the factory floor covered in dirt and sweat, clamoring for a cold beer and a coffee table to put your feet on. With technological advances and an ever-increasing move toward automation, manufacturing looks nothing like it did just a few decades ago. Manufacturing is an industry that not only pays well but is expected to have millions of job openings over the next decade. It’s also an industry whose skills gap is seemingly widening on a daily basis...

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Rochester airport to use secondary checkpoint (access required)


Greater Rochester International Airport will begin operating a secondary “Checkpoint A” during peak travel periods next week. “Checkpoint A” will be located adjacent to the American Airlines ticketing counter and will consist of two passenger security checkpoint lanes. The main ...

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Kodak to use blockchain to protect photographers’ image rights (access required)


Eastman Kodak Co. shares skyrocketed early Tuesday afternoon following an announcement that the company plans to launch a major blockchain initiative and cryptocurrency to protect photographers from licensing infringement. Shares of company stock (Nasdaq: KODK) spiked nearly 50 percent to $4.50 immediately following the announcement at the Consumer Technology Association’s CES show in Las Vegas Tuesday. Kodak shares last traded at $4.50 in November.

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