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Experiential learning reveals changing higher ed landscape (access required)

A survey of Fisher’s past two graduating classes showed that 87% of undergraduates completed some form of practical or experiential learning experience during their time at the university and, of those, 40% completed two or more.

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Leadership program seeks to foster growth in agriculture industry (access required)

When it comes to agriculture, the industry is no Silicon Valley. Surveys conducted just a few years ago found that the average American farmer was 58 while the average American computer programmer was 31. The food and agriculture workforce has only gotten older since ...

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Federal grant will restart 4-H program in Rochester for urban youth and parents (access required)

A federal agriculture grant of $640,000 will help re-establish an urban youth 4-H program run by the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Monroe County. The grant from the Children, Youth and Families at Risk Sustainable Community Project of the U.S. Department ...

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When hiring a leader, look for character, maturity

When you hire or promote a leader, what attributes do you look for? Most organizations emphasize intelligence, talent and accomplishments. They want to know what someone is good at, and they ask about an individual’s record of success. Top-level job-hunting ...

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Surgeon chat sparks leadership lessons for businesses

A friend of mine needed surgery to remove a benign tumor in his pituitary gland. Like any surgery involving the brain, that’s an operation requiring great precision. The involved parts are small and delicate. Not long after his successful operation, ...

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