Monroe Community Hospital acquires virtual reality technology for rehab patients

Monroe Community Hospital acquires virtual reality technology for rehab patients

Monroe Community Hospital will begin using cutting-edge virtual reality technology to help rehabilitation patients.

MCH is the only long-term care facility in New York to have a C-Mill VR+ on site. The C-Mill VR+ is a motivational step and balance training treadmill system that simulates challenges in everyday life through augmented and virtual reality.

C-Mill VR+ helps prepare patients for real-life situations again after a trauma or injury by giving them a safe and engaging way to practice simulated activities such as walking on uneven pavement, lifting their feet over doorsteps and navigating obstacles.

“The C-Mill VR+ uses the latest technology to return mobility to those who are injured or suffer from trauma be they rehab patients or long-term care residents,” said Monroe County Executive Adam Bello in a statement. “MCH continues to lead with therapies that give residents the best chance at a positive outcome and success. I thank our donors and the MCH team for all they do every day to care for our hospital residents.”

The technology was made possible in part through donations from West Herr Auto Group and the MCH Foundation.

“Thank you to the West Herr Auto Group and MCH Foundation for making it possible for us to acquire this amazing new system,” said MCH Executive Health Director Alyssa Tallo. “Their support gives MCH cutting-edge treatment approaches for a variety of patient populations, to help further progress their mobility and prevent resident declines. As the only long-term care facility in the state to have this technology, we can’t wait to start our residents and patients on this unique therapy.”

The technology also will benefit individuals in long-term care who need to improve their overall walking performance and reduce the risk of falling. Additionally, the device can help individuals who are not yet mobile improve their strength and balance while remaining seated.

“We are grateful for the support the Rochester community has shown to our seven West Herr Rochester area dealerships,” said West Herr Automotive Group President and CEO Scott Bieler. “It is because of that support that we continue to be dedicated to contributing in our small way to making Western New York a better place to live, work and play.”

MCH is the 17th largest standalone skilled nursing facility in the U.S., and the largest in Western New York, operating 566 skilled nursing beds.

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