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John M. Mckenna

John M. Mckenna

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John M. Mckenna

President, Tompkins Community Bank

Years in current role: 8

What has been your organization’s biggest success over the past year?

Our team had an amazing energy and enthusiasm throughout the pandemic, finding ways to help our customers without interruption despite all the challenges. Over the last year as the pandemic generally receded, our teams again adapted to the evolving landscape and returned to more traditional interactions with customers as well as incorporating some of the new, often virtual, methods of communicating where that was the customers’ preference. It’s been really wonderful to watch our team’s flexibility and responsiveness.

What are your expectations for the next 6-12 months?

Looking at the year ahead, our focus continues to shift toward growth as well as preparing for the impacts of the economic headwinds that our clients are facing. Higher interest rates, inflation and geopolitical instability are all powerful forces and we’ll work hard to help our clients navigate the impacts.

What advice would you give somebody just starting out in your industry?

Anyone coming into the industry should evaluate where the industry and business model are heading and focus on those areas most important to current and future customers. For example, the ever-expanding ways in which traditional banking is accomplished through digital means. The adoption and utilization of digital channels within banking began years ago but has accelerated with the pandemic. Historically viewing balances and initiating payments have been the principal use, but increasing opportunities for customers is the greatest need to evolve and differentiate ourselves. Focusing on the areas within our industry where there is change and opportunity should lead to careers with lots of opportunity.

What is one personal goal you have for the next year?

I’m striving for a work-life balance that allows me to be as productive as possible in supporting my colleagues, while also allowing me to be present and enjoy my wonderful family.

What are your favorite things about Rochester?

Rochester is a community of friendly, capable and positive people. Everywhere you go, you’re surrounded by people who care about each other and our community.

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