Fairport LDC creates COVID grant program for business

Fairport LDC creates COVID grant program for business

The village of Fairport Local Development Corp. will offer a reimbursement grant program to help businesses adapt to the impact of COVID-19.


The Local Investments for Fairport’s Transformation (LIFT) Grant program will assist village businesses as they adapt to operating during the pandemic, officials said Tuesday. The program will provide reimbursement for COVID-19 expenses related to keeping staff and customers safe as businesses reopen or continue to operate during the crisis.

“The village of Fairport Local Development Corp. commits its resources, expertise and energies to creating a local economy that is healthy and vibrant,” said Kevin Clark, FLDC board chairman, in a statement. “During this time especially, our efforts are focused on helping our retail and commercial businesses to adapt to new challenges. The LIFT Grant program underscores our commitment to ensuring the village of Fairport’s position as a premier community offering a diverse and vibrant business district for residents and visitors alike.”

The FLDC has committed $50,000 to the LIFT Grant program. Businesses can receive up to $3,000 in reimbursement for costs incurred since March 15 for the purchase of pandemic-related supplies, services and renovations to enable businesses to adapt to COVID-19 restrictions.

More information can be found on the Fairport Office of Community & Economic Development’s website.

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