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Julie Camardo

CEO/Owner, Zweigle’s Inc.

Years in current role: 12

What was your biggest success in 2021?

2021 was a very challenging year for Zweigle’s. Our success was learning from all our challenges and applying what we have learned to make us a stronger organization.

What are your expectations for 2022?

The theme for 2022 at Zweigle’s is to move onward and upward. We are a stronger organization because of all the challenges during the first two years of the pandemic. Now we are reengaged and have focus on our goals. We hope to continue our growth in terms of our people, our products, and our plant. We will be taking time to celebrate our successes as an organization and taking time to thank our longstanding Zweigle’s family members who are retiring. We are embracing the successors to those roles and continuing to train and educate all employees for a successful 2022.

What is your biggest takeaway from dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic?

Two of our most important takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic are the ability to be flexible and the importance of clear communication. Flexibility has been critical for Zweigle’s throughout the pandemic, allowing us to work through many challenges from staffing to supplier concerns and even pricing while trying to keep everyone safe. Our ability to adjust to the needs of our customer while managing internal challenges was critical to our ability to continue to be successful during the pandemic. Communication was critical to our success, and it was important, early on, that we found ways to communicate safely on the shop floor as well as virtually with our customers and suppliers.

What is your favorite thing about the Rochester community?

I love the Rochester community and it is the amazing people and Zweigle’s fans that are the reason we are here after 142 years. The people in our community that continue to give back and reach out when someone needs a hand help to make Rochester a great place to live and work.

If time were no issue, what would you do to help the community that you aren’t already doing?

If time were not an issue, I would enjoy more opportunities to volunteer directly for a few of the organizations I have supported over the years. There is a lot of value being on a board or supporting institutions through financial support or donations and I also enjoy being a part of the grass roots of the organization.

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