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The Scattered Perimeter

Will it be the New Normal? And if so, how to manage?


What is the Scattered Perimeter?  What are the implications of this new model on your business?   Find out by attending an informative webinar with Entre Computer Services where you’ll learn how the sudden need to move to a work from home model has completely changed everything.  Most companies made this move with very little time for planning and not much attention paid to important considerations like security, compliance, new work dynamics, productivity, and how to stay connected with fellow employees, customers and vendors.

During this informative webinar we’ll focus on three major categories that you need to think about, not only now, but moving forward as you navigate the unchartered waters of these unprecedented times:

  • Technical – what are the most important decisions you need to make in selecting products and services to secure your “scattered perimeter”?
  • Operational – how does an organization go about implementing change and communicating effectively?
  • Behavioral – what are the impacts of operating remotely on employee engagement, productivity, culture, and communications?

Please join us on April 22nd at 10:00 AM to learn how the Scattered Perimeter is impacting business everywhere and how to ensure you are safe, protected, and best positioned to keep employees and customers engaged.


David Mammano

Serial Entrepreneur and VP of Sales/Marketing, Entre Computer Services


Mark Lucas – Executive Vice President, Entre Computer Services

Paul Bornemann – VP Consulting, Entre Computer Services

George T. Cornwell – Senior Sales Engineer, Entre Computer Services

Lindsay Lucas – Senior Account Executive, Entre Computer Services