GCEDC to consider assistance for five solar farm projects

The Genesee County Economic Development Center this week will consider final resolutions for five community solar projects.

Borrego Solar plans to invest roughly $22 million across the five projects, which would generate 22 MW of energy for residential and commercial subscribers. The projects are expected to generate a total of more than $2.09 million in future revenues to the municipalities and schools they are located in.

In the town of Batavia, the company has submitted applications for assistance for three solar farms in the Elba Central School District and Pembroke Central School Districts.

If approved, the proposed payments in lieu of taxes, or PILOTs, for the three projects will generate more than $390,000 in revenue to Genesee County, more than $433,000 in revenue to Pembroke Central Schools and more than $318,000 in revenue to Elba Central School over 15 years.

In the town of Pembroke, Borrego has submitted applications for assistance for two solar farms on Knapp Road East and Knapp Road West, both in the Akron Central School District. If approved, the PILOTS would generate roughly $365,000 in revenue to Genesee County and more than $586,000 to the Akron Central Schools.

The GCEDC board will consider the proposals at its March 5 meeting.

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