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Sheriffs and security at Eastview Mall share safety tips, assistance

Outgoing Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero, other law enforcement officials and security staff at Eastview Mall shared some safety and security tips for senior citizens at the mall this week.

The annual holiday shopping safety event was paired with the monthly Seniors and Lawmen Together (SALT) program that Povero began more than two decades ago. The mall frequently hosts SALT, which provides an informational program, physical exercise and a chance for dialogue.

Many of the tips shared by sheriff’s deputies and mall security amounted to often-heard, common-sense advice, such as keeping valuables and packages out of sight in cars, parking in well-lit areas and double checking to make sure cars are locked.

Perhaps less known was information Lt. Al D’Agostino, head of security at Eastview Mall, shared with the seniors gathered for the program Tuesday morning. He said they can rely on mall security for help with a number of situations, such as finding a car when the driver has forgotten where it is, retrieving keys locked inside a car, providing a jump for a dead battery, and escorting shoppers to their cars whether it’s day or night.

“Don’t feel like you’re imposing on us. That’s what we’re here to do,” D’Agostino said. He said mall visitors who need help can just come to the mall’s security office or ask for someone to be summoned. The phone number for assistance is (585) 223-2930.

Two sheriff’s deputies are routinely stationed at the mall, and the number increases during the busy holiday season, said the mall’s general manager, Mike Kauffman.

Povero said the last four or five years have been record low years for car break-ins at Eastview, and other deputies urged elders to make sure they report any suspicious activity.

Kauffman said security staff frequently patrol the mall’s parking lots in cars during cold weather and on bicycles in the warm months.  The holidays don’t present any unusual safety and security challenges, he said, other than there are many more people visiting, including some who are unfamiliar with the mall and may need assistance because of that.

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