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Parcel 5 a new staple of Festival City

The ROC Women’s Music Fest in July 2017 was just one of the events to use Parcel 5 over the past few years. (Photo by Dick Moss)

As daylight hits the graveled lot of Parcel 5 on crisp early September Rochester morning, anything remarkable about the barren sliver of downtown directly across from Sibley Square is hard to see. But for two days beginning Sept. 13, the ...

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Plasticiens Volants returns to Rochester Fringe Festival (access required)


The big, weird balloons are coming back. Organizers of the KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival announced this morning the return of Plasticiens Volants to the festival on Sept. 13 and 14. The French street theater group last appeared at Fringe in ...

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Salvatore’s marks 40 years with both change and consistency (access required)

Sam Fantauzzo

After 40 years in the business, 26 stores, 1600 employees and recovery from a nearly devastating stroke, Sam Fantauzzo may be taking it a little easier in the future.  But don’t sign him up for a rocker just yet. The ...

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Fringe Festival to feature audience participation band (access required)

London band Massaoke performs a Bon Jovi song.
(Photo by Tony Virgo)

Audience participation band Massaoke will headline the seventh annual KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival in September, festival organizers announced this week. Massaoke, a live band that started in London in 2011, plays the best-loved “hairbrush” anthems—songs you know by heart and ...

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Much ado about Parcel 5

Parcel 5

Drive down East Main Street during any hour of the day and you will surely pass the desolate site where Midtown Mall once stood. Of course, it's not always quite so desolate. During Rochester's beloved Fringe Festival and the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, the humble 1.2 acre plot of land swells to life, brimming with dance, laughter, musical vigor and, occasionally, monstrous balloons liberated from the contentious plot of land, hovering in the night sky above. Parcel 5, as it's referred to, has been possibly the most highly debated subject in the City of Rochester over the past couple years. Every time the City Council takes up the subject, citizens pack the room, voicing their concerns about the future of the site.

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Snap Poll: Majority disagrees with Parcel 5 selection

Parcel 5

Last week saw the first public forum on the future of Parcel 5 since Mayor Lovely Warren announced in April that the Golisano Performing Arts Center had been selected for the site. People packed City Hall to debate not only ...

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Sparks fly at first Parcel 5 public forum


As the first public forum on the future of Parcel 5 began, droves of attendees clad in green T-shirts, embossed with “Free Parcel 5” across the chest, flooded into the Rochester City Hall council chambers. Amid them, politicians, local activists, ...

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