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IGI Cybersecurity receives Nodeware patent

Pittsford’s IGI Cybersecurity has received its first patent for its proprietary network assessment systems and methods used in its Nodeware Vulnerability Management solution.

Nodeware was created five years ago by cybersecurity practitioners as a solution to continuously scan networks, identify and fingerprint any network assets; and identify and prioritize known vulnerabilities. It takes a unique approach to vulnerability management by combining asset inventory to provide vulnerability scans that can be performed during normal business hours when staffers are online.

“Before creating Nodeware, our cybersecurity consultants and practitioners realized that point-in-time scans that run after hours were missing key assets and not keeping pace with today’s dynamic networks,” said IGI Director of Production Development Brian Drake in a statement. “We decided to take a different approach, focusing on continuous scanning without impact to critical systems and networks. By focusing on assets individually, Nodeware adapts to network changes in real-time.”

Nodeware’s patented process automates and simplifies a traditionally manual process of vulnerability management and ensures the latest definitions are run at the time of the scan. Scanning can take place in the background throughout the day while most assets are active.

“We are incredibly proud of our team and what Nodeware is doing to vastly improve and simplify the process of vulnerability management for the small and mid-sized markets,” said IGI President and Chief Operating Officer Andrew Hoyen. “We are filling a significant market gap through a cost-effective, easy-to-use solution that has been ignored by the larger vendors in this space. Nodeware, and specifically the technology in this patent, is critical to protecting our intellectual property while keeping our clients and partners safe and aware as we see ransomware attacks continue to rise.”

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