Navitar acquired by PA firm in multimillion-dollar deal  

Navitar Inc. has been acquired by AMETEK Inc., a Pennsylvania-based global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices.  

Navitar – Optics Technology Experts

AMETEK – which logged sales of $5.5 billion in 2021 – acquired Rochester-based Navitar, along with Canadian firm RTDS Technologies Inc., for roughly $430 million. 

The two firms log annual sales of some $100 million, AMETEK reported.

“These businesses nicely complement our existing capabilities and strategically expand our presence in highly attractive secular growth areas,” said David A. Zapico, AMETEK chairman and CEO, in a statement. “AMETEK continues to strengthen our portfolio through the acquisition of market-leading businesses with innovative, advanced technology solutions.” 

Both companies join AMETEK as part of its Electronic Instruments Group. 

Navitar is a provider of advanced optical components and solutions for high precision applications across a diverse set of end markets, including medical and life sciences, machine vision and robotics, and industrial automation. 

Its products range from high magnification motorized zoom imaging systems to fisheye projection lenses. 

Navitar was launched in 1972 as D.O. Industries. Julian and Jeremy Goldstein purchased Navitar in 1994 from their father, David Goldstein. 

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Navitar wins nearly $10 million in orders

Rochester-based manufacturer Navitar Inc. has won a number of new orders expected to add more than $9.5 million to the firm’s annual revenue.

“Life science instrument manufacturers and semiconductor equipment makers are looking for ways to improve their products and beat their competition with cutting edge technology,” said Navitar CEO Jeremy Goldstein in a statement. “Researchers often run into limitations with commercial off-the-shelf microscopy components. At Navitar, we are happy to provide the right microscopy components and integrated lens-camera solutions needed to push the art of microscopy.”

Navitar creates complex optical assemblies and integrated lens-camera solutions for next-generation DNA sequencing, microfluidics, live cell imaging, robotic surgery and more. The company recently worked with a medical instrument manufacturer to help improve imaging performance of its time-lapse live cell imaging system. The customer integrated a custom imaging solution which included a high NA microscope objective, tube lens, illuminator and camera assembly.

In addition, a manufacturer of advanced inspection equipment for semiconductor manufacturing chose Navitar’s special optics division to design an imaging optics solution with superior resolution to capture imagine and spot defects in real-time on the manufacturing floor.

Partnerships with DNA sequencing manufacturers also has led to new development work for Navitar to produce the imaging system modules and custom laser optics to enable the development of next-generation sequencers.

“Navitar is designing and manufacturing wide field of view microscope objectives, tube lenses, cameras and integrated lens-camera subsystems that are precisely aligned to achieve maximum imaging performance for the new genetic testing and sequencing instruments,” Goldstein said. “Enabling new levels of performance and lowering of the overall cost of genomic applications is a win for everyone.”

A research lab chose Navitar’s special optics division to collaborate and develop a custom objective, scan lens and tube lens to help further its capabilities of deploying multiphoton microscopy techniques for research. And a medical instrument manufacturer developing a point-of-care imaging blood analyzer has chosen Navitar’s Pixelink Camera for its instrument.

“Navitar provides the tools needed to push the art of microscopy,” Goldstein said. “Our customers often have the microscopy specialists and world-class teams to advance science. They just need the optimal microscopy components.”

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