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Atlanta-based lighting provider to work exclusively with OLEDWorks

An Atlanta-based provider of lighting and building management solutions will work exclusively with Rochester’s OLEDWorks to develop a series of affordable and innovative OLED luminaires for architectural lighting applications.

Acuity Brands Inc. employs roughly 12,000 individuals and has operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

OLEDs, or organic light-emitting diodes, are thin sheets of light that create a gentle and diffuse illumination that is calm, soft and comfortable to view. Their ultra-thin form offers excellent visual quality and are a natural fit for interior applications that can help enhance the occupant experience and the surrounding space.

“We have worked with OLEDWorks and their OLED technology for years and we’ve found it to be the superior OLED technology in the market,” said Rick Earlywine, Acuity Brands senior vice president, architectural lighting solutions. “Over time, we see an advent of even higher luminance OLED panels and more form factor choices that will create interesting options for specifiers to light architectural spaces.”

The products are a “major step forward” in enhancing OLED lighting, Earlywine said.

“Acuity Brands has been able to anticipate trends in the general lighting industry, and it was an early adopter of incorporating OLED technology for luminaires, capitalizing on the unique benefits OLEDs offer,” OLEDWorks CEO Dave DeJoy said. “They continue to be the leader in developing and delivering innovative, impactful lighting solutions.”

OLEDWorks was founded in Rochester in 2010 and is a global leader in the development and production of innovative OLED lighting solutions. In addition to its local manufacturing facility, OLEDWorks also has a plant in Aachen, Germany.

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