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Companies needed for Cornell interns

Cornell University is looking for a few good internships to challenge its materials research students next summer.

The Cornell Center for Materials Research is aiming to partner with companies in the materials, chemistry, energy, pharmaceuticals, food and textile areas and is willing to pay for a portion of the student’s internship pay. Cornell will match 20 percent of the intern’s pay up to $1,000.

To qualify, a business needs to be located in New York state and provide a summer job on a predetermined project that offers a Cornell student real-world experience, such as solving technical challenges or developing and improving products with an eye toward increasing revenue. Small and mid-size companies are eligible.

This summer a Queens company, Awisco, which supplies industrial welding materials, had its intern working everywhere from the loading dock to shadowing the company’s CEO. An Ithaca company, Capro-X, hired a Cornell intern to help build and operate fermentation bioreactors as part of scaling up its use of fermentation to transform food and beverage processing wastes.

The Center’s director of industrial partnerships, Michèle van de Walle, said three students worked in such internships this year. She’s set a target of five in the summer of 2019.  Working with Entrepreneurship at Cornell, the center may have additional internship programs seeking help from companies, too.

The Center for Materials Research is supported by New York State and the National Science Foundation. It conducts interdisciplinary research into advanced materials and promotes knowledge transfer with industry.

Companies considering the program can gain more information by visiting the center’s website or contacting tvan de Walle at (607) 255 -8809 at [email protected].