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Trades council to launch recruiting ad campaign on social media

(photo by Dan Bridge for Pexels)

The Rochester Building and Construction Trades Council (RBCTC) is hoping enhanced awareness of the opportunities available within various trades sectors will help ease the ongoing labor shortage.

Fueled by grants of $100,000 from both the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency (COMIDA) and the city of Rochester, the trades council is launching a hiring campaign primarily on web-based social media platforms, with some broadcast media spots.

A 30-second spot tells viewer “Your future is in your hands” and encourages enrollment in one of 18 apprenticeship programs available through the RBCTC. The campaign is meant to educate and energize the local workforce, Grant Malone, RBCTC president said.

“Hey, college isn’t for everybody and we want to let young people know this is a great option,” Malone said. “We need a larger workforce and we want to give people a career.”

The campaign, which begins Monday, will target YouTube, TikTok and Hulu, platforms that appeal to the RBCTC’s target audience. But there also will be television spots that parents, grandparents or other relatives may see and pass along the word to family members that are in high school or in need of a career.

“If we can help someone make a decision, that’s what we want to do,” Malone said. “I’m a perfect example of someone who didn’t go to college and I’ve done pretty well for myself and my family.”

Created by Jay Advertising, the 30-second spot also will include one of nine testimonials from current members of the trades industry.

The city’s funding is contingent upon approval by City Council.

“We are excited to partner on this media campaign to make the city’s youth aware of the fantastic opportunities available in the trade and construction industries,” Rochester Mayor Malik Evans said in a news release. “With building and development projects happening all over the city and more in the pipeline, we want to see young men and women from all over Rochester benefit from our investment to build a city with a prosperous future.”

Said COMIDA board chair Ann Burr: “The COMIDA board invests in growth companies that expand our economy and this campaign is part of our investment in growing the workforce to fill these new job opportunities. This campaign will illustrate the enormous opportunities for life-changing careers in the skilled trades.”

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