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Research Internet of Things devices before purchasing for business use (access required)

Internet of Things (IoT) technology refers to giving everyday objects access to the internet. That includes your coffee maker, refrigerator, thermostat and nearly any other object can collect data, perform actions, communicate with people and other objects, and be controlled ...

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Bridging the digital divide between technology creators and technology consumers (access required)

If you’re in the business of creating new technologies, including designing and developing software and hardware, your technology skills far exceed the average person, according to an international study published in 2016 by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ...

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What voice-enabled technologies mean for businesses (access required)

The implications of voice-enabled technologies really hit me when I watched my extended family first interact with Alexa. Half of the people in the room grew up long before there were computers; they are not early adopters of technology. My ...

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The user experience and data privacy (access required)

Until recently, many people didn’t realize how much of their personal data was being collected and stored in the digital realm. The truth is that companies capture, store and analyze large amounts of consumer data every day. They look at ...

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Artificial intelligence is changing the face of business (access required)

What do “2001: Space Odyssey,” “The Matrix,” “The Terminator,” and “WALL-E” all have in common? They are all science fiction movies that examined the advantages and potential dangers of artificial intelligence, commonly known as AI. While the concept of AI ...

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