Power Authority moves forward on electric vehicle expansion across New York

Blink DC fast charger (photo by ECOtality)
Blink DC fast charger
(photo by ECOtality)

The New York Power Authority has issued a request for information (RFI) to identify potential public and private partnerships to address key barriers to electric vehicle (EV) expansion statewide.

The RFI also will help maximize the impact of NYPA’s recently announced EVolve NY program, which will disperse up to $250 million through 2025 to accelerate the adoption of EVs across the Empire State.

“NYPA is well-positioned to help address the key issues that play a pivotal role in moving the electric transportation sector forward,” NYPA President and CEO Gil Quiniones said in a statement. “We are a ‘first mover’ in the EV space. We have the expertise to help reduce market risk and attract private sector investment in the effort to advance Gov. Cuomo’s goal of rapidly increasing the number of EV drivers on New York roads in short order.”

The RFI is intended to help NYPA gauge private sector interest in collaborating on new business and ownership models for developing EV infrastructure and services. It also will help to identify financial, technological and service innovations in the EV space to remove barriers in the marketplace.

EVolve NY is a key pillar of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Charge NY 2.0 initiative, which encourages electric car adoption as it brings the state closer to its goal of installing at least 10,000 charging stations by the end of 2021.

The first phase of EVolve NY commits $40 million to address existing market barriers and financing gaps that are projected to impede development of DC Fast Chargers and develop an ecosystem that makes EVs the easy choice to customers by the end of 2019. Other barriers include a lack of consumer awareness and regulatory issues such as demand charges and lack of incentives for installation of charging stations.

The RFI will be used for planning purposes before NYPA issues separate Request for Proposals to pursue partnerships and obtain services related to fast charger installation along interstate corridors, charger installation at New York City airports and the establishment of EV model communities.

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