Sunnking electronics recycling to benefit Camp Good Days

Brockport electronics recycler Sunnking has launched registration for its 2021 e-Scrap for Camp fundraiser, which benefits Camp Good Days & Special Times.

The program recycles unwanted company electronics such as old phones and tablets to raise money for Camp Good Days & Special Times, a nonprofit organization that aims to improve the quality of life for children, adults and families whose lives have been impacted by cancer.

Businesses can register for the free event online through March 5. Rochester collections begin March 29, while Buffalo collections begin May 3.

“We want to provide the greatest return to the local kids that are unfortunately adversely affected by cancer and needing outside activities when it’s really hard to get out and do them,” said Sunnking Vice President Adam Shine. “Together with our business partners we’re focused on making this the biggest and best fundraising year we’ve seen.”

Sunnking provides boxes to gather devices in and businesses can recycle electronics from employees, friends and family members. Delivery and pickup are free and contactless. For every pound of electronics recycled from participating organizations, a portion of the proceeds is donated to Camp Good Days.

“We feel incredibly privileged during this time to announce our partnership with Sunnking for the 11th year,” said Lisa Booz, Western New York regional director of Camp Good Days. “The continuation of our programs through the pandemic is largely thanks to Sunnking’s exceptional efforts and all the local companies taking part.”

In 2020, some 345 businesses contributed to the event, raising nearly $12,000 for the nonprofit. Sunnking has donated more than $114,000 throughout the program’s existence.

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LiDestri to donate $1 million in hand sanitizer

LiDestri Foods Inc. plans to donate $1 million in medical-grade hand sanitizer this summer to camps and school districts to keep staff and campers safe.

Company officials on Monday said LiDestri has donated 6,000 gallons of hand sanitizer so far, with a value of roughly $250,000. In addition to summer camps and schools, the Rochester food and drink manufacturer will donate the sanitizer to first responders, medical facilities, charities and more.

Last weekend, every family entering Seneca Park Zoo was given complimentary hand sanitizer. The YMCA of Greater Rochester Inc., the Harley School, and school districts in Greece, Fairport and Brighton have stocked up for the school year.

This spring, LiDestri pivoted its spirits lines to produce hand sanitizer using the formula recommended by the World Health Organization. The sanitizer can be used on hands and surfaces and is available in four sizes, including 1 gallon.

The family-owned company, headquartered in Fairport, produces locally more than 3 million food and beverage products each day and nationally employs more than 1,300 in the Rochester area, California, and New Jersey. LiDestri dates back 45 years, under the leadership of Giovanni LiDestri.

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LiDestri producing hand sanitizer, donating sauce

LiDestri Foods Inc. has joined the ranks of Rochester area manufacturers who are helping with health care needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has transferred the production of one of its spirits lines to the creation of liquid hand sanitizer.

The process included the sourcing of the necessary raw materials, as well as packaging, company officials said. LiDestri’s production capabilities enable the company to have a great impact on filling the void and has a current order for 250,000 cases of hand sanitizer. LiDestri plans to produce and sell to the public in the coming weeks hand sanitizer under the brand name of its spirits brand Recipe 21.

All 1,300 LiDestri staffers remain employed, with more than 1,000 employees continuing to work on production lines, officials said. Office staff is working from home through the company’s investment in more than 50 new laptops to ensure each employee had the tools needed to do his or her job.

The local company has established a task force to address communication and procedures to follow state Department of Health and CDC guidelines, and has formed a cleaning task force that cleans surfaces, doors and equipment every four hours, officials said.

In a recent letter to employees, company co-CEOs Stefani LiDestri and John LiDestri thanked their team for adhering to precautions and processes and promised to continue transparency in communication.

Stefani and John LiDestri
Stefani and John LiDestri

“For more than 45 years, LiDestri Food and Drink has lived by a core value established by our chairman and father, Giovanni LiDestri, to ‘do the right thing,’” the CEOs wrote in their letter. “What we do at LiDestri Food and Drink matters — and now more than ever, our communities are counting on us to continue operations.”

In addition to producing hand sanitizer, LiDestri leadership has gifted a case of sauce to each employee during the pandemic and has given gift cards for all employees to patronize a local restaurant in Greece and in Fairport, where the company’s facilities are located.

The gift card investment — which also has helped two restaurants keep their doors open during the crisis — totals more than $50,000. Gift cards for restaurants and groceries also were issued to employees in LiDestri’s California and New Jersey facilities.

The company also has donated cases of sauce to location organizations, including a senior living facility and the Veterans Outreach Center, as well as 800 cases of sauce to Foodlink Inc.

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