Excellus to offer new health, dental plans in 2021

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield will introduce two new health insurance plans and two new dental insurance plans for 2021 to help people who may be retired but too young for Medicare or who may have lost their coverage due to employment changes.

The health insurance plans, Destination 65 Silver and Destination 65 Gold, are designed to help members bridge the gap to Medicare coverage, for which most people become eligible at age 65.

“We are trying to meet the needs of our community members where they are in their lives,” said Todd Muscatello, senior vice-president of segment strategy and performance for Excellus BCBS. “Many people end up retiring before age 65 for whatever reason and then have to find coverage for themselves. Or they may have a spouse that is still working or may already be on Medicare.”

Both options offer no-cost preventive care, coverage for doctor visits and specialty care, urgent care visits, hospitalizations and prescription drugs. The plans have a deductible with an out of pocket maximum. The plans qualify for a health savings account, which allows members to pay for medical expenses with pretax dollars.

Excellus BlueCross BlueShield also is introducing two new dental coverage plans called Blue Select Family Dental and Blue Select Premier Dental. Both plans offer comprehensive coverage for cleanings and exams, routine X-rays and filings, and they meet the mandated pediatric dental essential health benefits included in the Affordable Care Act.

“We know more than one in four adults have untreated tooth decay and almost half of all adults over age 30 show signs of gum disease,” Muscatello said. “That can have serious health implications for people down the road. Up to 120 medical conditions can be detected early through examination of the mouth, throat and neck.”

The new dental plans feature a cleaning and preventive adult oral exam every six months at no cost to members. Other services may fall under the $50 annual single deductible or $150 deductible for more than one person on the policy.

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