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FLCC offers debt forgiveness to entice students’ return

In an effort to help students who have dropped out for financial reasons, Finger Lakes Community College is introducing a debt forgiveness plan to help them complete their degrees.

The “Return to Finish” program would push off any unpaid college bills until after the returning student has graduated and erase up to $1,200 in charges once graduation happens.

“We know that many of our students face multiple challenges, from medical and family issues to emergency expenses. Sometimes these issues become overwhelming and lead them to withdraw from college,” said Matthew Stever, FLCC director of admissions. “This program allows students to come back with a way to manage their past debt.”

Return to Finish only deals with college bills – not any educational loans the student might have taken out to help pay for college. Bills that already have been turned over to a collection agency also would not be eligible.

The college is aiming to help students who are unable to register for classes because of an outstanding balance. In some cases, students are just a few classes away from completing a degree, helping them achieve higher earnings.

“Just a few more classes might make all the difference in giving someone financial stability,” Stever said. Applicants are asked to meet with a representative of the college’s One Stop Center before filling out an application.

Former students have until Jan. 8 to enroll in the program. More information is available online at

[email protected]/(585) 363-7275