Construction to address flooding begins at Braddock Bay

Construction has begun on the West Point Marina resiliency project in Greece, one of 11 Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI) projects awarded to the town of Greece.

The nearly $550,000 grant-funded project will help protect West Point Marina, or Braddock Bay Marina, from future flooding and ensure continuous recreational opportunities. West Point Marina is within the state-owned Braddock Bay Park and has 300 public slips. During highwater periods, the existing seawall — with an elevation of 248.5 feet — is completely submerged, and the existing fuel pump becomes exposed to standing water. Wave action can damage the pump and create a hazardous flooding condition.

“New York state is committed to improve resilience to extreme weather events and protect the health and safety of its residents and visitors,” said New York state Secretary of State Rossana Rosado in a statement. “The Department of State is proud to work with the town of Greece and its elected officials on improving West Point Marina to help protect this important recreational asset and bolster the local economy.”

The project includes important flood mitigation measures such as raising the seawall to above flood level, relocating the fuel pump landward, installing and connecting a new sewer line to meet the existing line,  and relocating sidewalks.

“West Point Marina in Braddock Bay is a focal point of Greece’s waterfront area and protecting the investment there is critical to our waterfront economy,” said town of Greece Supervisor William Reilich. “The project has been designed to protect marina facilities, improve the safety of marina operations and protect the environment during highwater periods. Gov. Cuomo’s REDI program is helping Greece and other waterfront communities build back stronger after the devastating flooding of 2017 and 2019. With yet another REDI project underway, we are proud to continue doing our part to make Lake Ontario’s north shore more resilient in the face of unpredictable water levels.”

Officials noted that flooding threatens significant local, state, federal and private investments at Braddock Bay. The park and surrounding state Department of Environmental Conservation Wildlife Management Area offer unique recreational opportunities to the community including public fishing and hunting, recreational boating, bird watching and more. Braddock Bay Marina is positioned to be a significant revenue source for the town, generating roughly $175,000 annually at full capacity, officials said.

“Lake Ontario provides fresh, clean water throughout the state and is critical to the upstate landscape and economy. REDI’s investment in the West Point Marina Seawall will protect our community and the homes of our neighbors from continued flooding,” said state Sen. Jeremy Cooney, D-Greece. “As we navigate the effects of climate change we need to invest in these projects to safeguard the health of our natural resources.”

The REDI Commission was created in response to record flooding that hit the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River shoreline in 2019. Through REDI, the state has committed up to $300 million to rebuild the shoreline and improve resiliency in flood-prone regions.

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