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Congratulations on producing such a successful event! Every one I spoke to was “wowed” by the entire evening. A special thank you for continuing to celebrate the women leaders in our community in so many inspiring ways!

Lauren Dixon
Dixon Schwabl

The event was very successful and different. There  has not been a venue where women just gather to meet each other and talk. Thank you for your foresight.
Hilda Rosario-Escher
All American Home Care

Congrats on a great concept for Path to Excellence.  You have found a way to go deeper than just what the award has to offer.  Many of the women I knew who attended the Path event on the 9th  said that they had been out of networking circulation. .  I think this happens to many women.  We network in our 20s and 30s and then focus on building our own business and careers.  It works and then we don’t think about networking to help others except to volunteer and networking becomes secondary.  It still happens, but in a more informal way.  I’m glad that the RBJ is offering a formum for women to connect with one another at different levels of their careers.

Nannette Nocon
Nocon & Associates

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