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Architectural Firms 2019 (2019)
Auto Dealers (2019)
Banks (2019)

Banquet and Meeting Facilities (2019)
Brokerage Firms (2019)
City of Rochester/REDCO-Assisted Projects (2019)

Colleges & Universities (2018)
COMIDA-Assisted Projects (2019)
Commercial Builders (2019)

Commercial Insurance Firms (2019)
CPA Firms (2019)
Craft Brewers and Distillers (2019)

Credit Unions (2019)
Cultural Attractions NEW (2018)
Downtown Rental Properties (2019)

Electrical Contractors (2019)
Employee Benefits Administrators (2019)
Employee Placement Services (2019)

Engineering Firms (2019)
Environmental Services Companies (2019)
Festivals (2019)

Fine-Dining Restaurants NEW (2019)
Food and Beverage Manufacturers (2019)
Grant Makers (2019)

Home Health Care Agencies (2018)
Home Mortgage Lenders (2019)
Homebuilders (2019)

Hospitals (2019)
Hotels and Motels (2019)
Independent Living Communities (2018)

Intellectual Property Law Firms (2019)
Internet Service Providers (2019)
IT Support Firms (2019)

Law Firms (2019)
M.B.A. Programs (2019)
Manufacturers (2019)

Marketing Communications Firms (2019)
Meeting and Event Services Providers (2019)
Minority-Owned Businesses (2019)

Money Managers (2019)
Nonprofits (2018)
Ontario County Employers (2018)

Optics and Imaging Firms (2018)
Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Practices (2019)
Physician Group Practices (2019)

Private Companies (2019)
Private Schools (2019)
Private Sports Facilities (2019)

Property Management Firms (2019)
Public Companies (2019)
RBJ75 New (2019)

Real Estate Developers (2019)
Residential Real Estate Firms (2019)
Retirement Communities (2019)

SBA Lenders (2018)
SL Assisted-Living Communities NEW (2018)
SL Skilled-Nursing Providers (2019)

Software Developers (2019)
Telecommunications Equipment Providers (2018)
Urgent Care Centers (2019)

Veteran-Owned Businesses (2018)
Web Design Firms (2019)
Wineries (2019)

Woman-Owned Businesses (2019)
Workforce Training Programs (2019)

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