Nominate for the 2021 Workplace Wellness Awards!


Nominations are due March 5.

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noon June 9, 2021

The Rochester Business Journal is rebranding the Wealth of Health Awards as the Workplace Wellness Awards to better reflect the focus of this recognition event. These awards will celebrate Rochester-area employers who promote health and wellness in the workplace in a variety of categories.

2021 Categories

Employer of the Year 
Multiple categories to honor the best overall workplace wellness programs based on company size.

Rookie of the Year
Awarded to the company just getting started with a great new wellness plan.

Best Health Success Story
Awarded to employees whose health success stories were directly inuenced by their employers’ wellness programs.

Health and Wellness Champion of the Year
Recognizes the individuals who truly embody healthy living in the workplace.

Best Wellness Innovation
Awarded to the companies with the most innovative policies, programs or environment for wellness.

Best Work/Life Balance Culture
Awarded to the companies that go above and beyond to encourage their employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Best Employee Mental Health Program
Awarded to the companies with the best programs to address their employees’ mental health needs.

The Rochester Business Journal is a COVID-conscious organization. All of our events are online until we can bring large groups of business professionals together safely. We will make event decisions based on CDC recommendations and state and county guidance.

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