Talya Meyerowitz

talya-meyerowitzTalya Meyerowitz is a dynamic facilitator, coach, and change agent. She provides tools and techniques to both individuals and teams that expand and unearth new capabilities all of which are created to assist them with exceeding their goals. Talya enjoys working with organizations to help strengthen interpersonal relationships within the workplace, that are designed to promote candor, creativity, productivity, and, of course, fun! The results speak for themselves: teams and leaders end up feeling more empowered to maximize their time and productivity using her innovative approach.

Talya is known for her engaging personality whose trademarks are authenticity, warmth, and her signature lively & entertaining approach. Her ability to relate to others using humor and sincerity allows Talya to closely connect with her clients which frequently results in comments about how comfortable people are sharing their personal thoughts and stories. Talya is the President and Founder of www.ARespectfulWorkplace.com. She has spoken at numerous national and international conferences and worked with organizations both large and small.

Talya is happily married with three children and resides in Rochester, NY.