2020 Wealth of Health Awards

  • Wellness Program Objectives and Design

  • Wellness Program Support and Engagement

  • Please describe who is involved in planning, promoting and evaluating your wellness program. (For example, is employee wellness part of someone’s job description; is there a wellness committee or wellness champions?)
  • (For example, healthy vending options, take the stairs campaign, smoke- free policy, etc.)
  • (For example, incentives, communication strategies, etc.)
  • Wellness Program Measurement and Results

  • (For example participation, engagement, outcomes?)
  • (For example, what activities draw the highest participation; how much of your workforce participates; has participation increased, decreased or stayed the same over time?)
  • Best Company/Group "Wellness Event" **OPTIONAL CATEGORY**

  • (For example, bring your pet to work day, participation in a community walk or run, etc.) Please include such things as number of participants, frequency & duration of the program (i.e. done monthly, annually, how many consecutive years).
  • Health and Wellness Champion of the Year **OPTIONAL CATEGORY**

  • (i.e. organizes department wellness events like lunch time walks or healthy pot luck lunches; participates in all events; exhibits healthy behaviors beyond formal program participation).
  • (i.e. increased awareness and participation of wellness programs, success stories, new programs/initiatives identified, etc.)
  • Past Honorees

  • (For example, how has your program expanded or improved? How have these changes impacted results? What long-term gains or improvements have you and your employees seen?)
  • Human Resource Contact Information

    This section is optional