About Reader Rankings

In 2019, Rochester Business Journal and The Daily Record received 13,000 nominations and more than 47,000 votes from our readers during our yearly Reading Rankings program.  Nominations for the Reader Rankings will open again in March 2020.

Voting Round 1

The first round is nominations. This will be a lot like voting last year. It will start in March 2020. The nomination ballots will be online so you can complete them from any digital device. Online nominations will be limited to 1 voting ballot per day.

Voting Round 2

The second round of voting will be multiple choice, with the top nominees from each category advancing to the ballot (minimum nominees per category is 2 and maximum is 3). This round of voting will start in April 2020.

Reader Ranking Event

We will be celebrating all of the nominees and announcing the winners at our annual Rochester Reader Rankings event.

We will also publish a magazine that will include content about our winners and provide each winners website and address so you can visit their business. Each finalist will also receive a Reader Rankings plaque for their office.