How can I be considered for the Financial Leaders award?

In order to be considered, candidates:

● Must be a senior financial executive (CFO, Controller, VP of Finance, Treasurer or equivalent title) and have responsibility for a company’s finances;
● Must be in his/her current position for a minimum of two years;
● Must be employed in Greater Rochester; and
● May be self-nominated or nominated by another person.

While anyone can nominate, we recommend nominations come from a senior leader in the candidate’s organization. A letter of recommendation or narrative is required.

Can I save the nomination or application forms while I’m working on them?

Unfortunately you cannot at the moment, but we’re working to fix that. In the meantime, we suggest either filling out the forms on a separate sheet of paper first or be prepared to spend some time on the forms.

Who are the judges and what are they looking for when selecting the Financial Leaders?

A panel of judges consisting past winners, educators, and representatives from Rochester’s Financial Executives International RBJ’s editorial team select the Financial Leaders winners. It is essential that the candidate prove their contribution to the economic growth and stability of the region. It is helpful to have at least one letter of recommendation from someone that can speak to both of these achievements.

Should I have a letter of recommendation sent?

Letters of recommendation or a narrative are required to be considered. Past judges have told us that the letter(s) of recommendation is helpful particularly when they are not familiar with the candidate. Up to 3 letters of recommendations can be emailed to jsims@bridgetowermedia.com. The letter will be paired to your application when it is received.

Can I buy a table?

Yes, for more information on table sponsorships, please contact Kevin Momot.

Are children allowed?

Children are allowed. After purchasing tickets, please email jsims@bridgetowermedia.com to inform us that one or more of your guests are children so we can make appropriate menu and seating adjustments.

Do the finalists sit with their guests during the program?

The finalists sit with their guests during lunch and throughout the program.

Do the winners have to say something?

No speaking; the finalists and winners walk across the stage to accept their awards.

If I’m a winner, do I need to purchase a ticket?

You do not need to purchase a ticket for yourself if you are a finalist. All other attendees must purchase a ticket.

Can I buy an ad in the publication?

Please contact Kevin Momot to place an ad or purchase a sponsorship package.