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Frequently Asked Questions

The Rochester Business Journal aims to provide not only award-winning news coverage but also superior customer service. Below are some answers to frequently asked customer questions. If your question is not answered, please contact us directly.

What are RBJ subscription options?

There are three subscription options:

1. Premium: Print & Digital + Data               

  • Total access to RBJ List Database
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Detailed spreadsheets
  • Book of Lists
  • Unpublished Data
  • 1 Year $289

2. Print and Digital access

  • Print and Digital editions
  • Digital access
  • Opinions, Snap poll, Fast Start, Movers and Shakers
  • Special Reports
  • Event publications
  • Print Edition of the Book of Lists
  • 1 Year $99
  • 2 Years $149
  • 3 years $189

3. Digital access

  • Digital Edition
  • Digital access
  • Opinions, Snap poll, Fast Start, Movers and Shakers
  • 2 years $129
  • 1 year $79
  • 4 Weeks AutoRenew $7.99

How do I change my subscription?

To change your subscription, go to the RBJ Weekly Print Edition page. Or call our Circulation Department at 866-941-4130.

Can I use this site to pay a bill or renew my subscription?

Yes, to pay your subscription bill or renewal click here

How do I change my address for the print edition?

To update your mailing address for your print subscription, please click here.

What should I do if I don’t receive an issue of the print edition?

Contact our Circulation Department by e-mail or calling 866-941-4130.

How do I order a reprint?

Email [email protected]

How do I get a reporter or editor’s e-mail address?

Go to our Staff Directory.

How do I find contact information for other members of your staff?

Go to our Staff Directory.

How do I inquire about advertising in the Rochester Business Journal?

For information on advertising opportunities in our print edition, on our Web site or with our e-newsletters, go to the Advertising Information page.

Where can I find a schedule of your special publications and lists?

Go to the Editorial Calendar.

How do I subscribe to the Rochester Business Journal Daily Report, Morning Roundup, Explore or RBJ Snap Poll e-mails?

To subscribe to our e-newsletters, please click here and complete the brief form. You will be sent an e-mail confirming your selection and verifying your identity. Please click on the link within that e-mail to confirm your registration. You will receive your first e-mail the next time one is issued.

I signed up for an e-newsletter but I have not been receiving it. Why?

There could be several reasons why you are not receiving the e-newsletter. We send out a confirmation link after you sign up. This is an anti-spam measure (called double opt-in). If you didn’t click on the link, your account is not activated. To request activation, contact us and let us know. If you did click on the activation link but you are not getting the newsletter, it may be because your ISP or IT department is blocking the newsletter, thinking it is spam. Contact your ISP or IT Department and ask that be put on the “white list.”

I’m a subscriber and can’t access the digital edition; what do I do?

Contact customer service at 866-941-4130 or [email protected]

I’m not getting my daily report or digital edition emails; what do I do?

Contact [email protected]

Why am I locked out of certain articles?

All RBJ exclusive content is now behind a paywall. You need a paid print or digital subscription in order to read those articles.

I already have a paid subscription. Why do I have to register my account?

All RBJ exclusive content is now locked and for paid subscribers only. Since this is a new process, all subscribers must register their account and establish a username and password. Here are the steps to register your account:

First visit or click on the “Manage” account tab in the top black navigation bar of our home page (

Next you will need to enter your seven-digit account number which can be found on your newspaper label directly above your name or in any mailed notices send from us.
Then enter your email address and create an eight-character password.
Now you should be logged in and be able to read need locked articles.