Velvet Belly

Velvet Belly opened to strong reviews in June 2021 in the Rochester Public Market. One of the newest restaurants in Rochester’s thriving food and beverage community, it focuses on coastal cuisine from around the world. Velvet Belly’s high-quality wild seafood and limited selection of meats are paired with fun-loving cocktails.

Frequent collaborators Josh Miles, Jeremy Nucelli and Chelsea Felton are the owners and operators, the first time in their eight years of working together that they have opened a venture as co-owners.

The bar, which is curated by New York City restaurant veteran Becca Pesce, is located under the original skylight for the building, constructed in 1920. The front of house team is led by Sohaib Siddiqui, who also has 10-plus years of New York City restaurant experience.

The owners and partners filled the space with special design touches, including a velvet wall featuring a neon sign that greets guests on the way in and provides a photo opportunity. The private booths each feature black and white family photos of the owners and their families. The color scheme for the restaurant is a nod to the coastal theme of the menu.


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Velvet Belly