Spa Apartments

What was once the Clifton Springs Hospital and Sanatorium has been transformed into a colorful, stately space that serves as a home to senior citizens. Spa Apartments on White Spruce Boulevard boasts a marvelous chapel with natural light pouring in from 125-year-old stained glassed windows that stand 20 feet high. On the 7th Floor, you’ll find a stunning 360-degree view of the quaint village of Clifton Springs in the 4,000-square-foot solarium.

Walk through the doors of Spa Apartments and you’re greeted with multicolored marble flooring that introduces the building’s ornate style. Make your way up to the chapel and you’ll find an 18-foot-by-six-foot Tiffany mosaic of “The Last Supper”— one of three Tiffany mosaics known to exist in the world.

The building was erected in 1895, and was nearly demolished in 1973 when a new hospital was built next door. Instead, the building was given new life, and now houses 109 apartments. The Spa Apartments — owned by Rochester’s Cornerstone Group and managed by Cornerstone Property Managers LLC — is connected to Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic, which provides acute, primary and nursing care. This connection between housing and health care for seniors proved its utmost importance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Spa Apartments
11 E Main St Rochester, NY 14614
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