RIT Cyber Range and Training Center

Part of the Global Cybersecurity Institute that opened this year, RIT’s Cyber Range and Training Center can host more than 5,000 virtual machines simultaneously in immersive scenarios. This infrastructure allows the GCI to introduce threat intelligence systems in scale replicas of any global business, with a focus on health care, energy and finance.

Cohorts of corporate leaders and IT security professionals can use alternative-reality vignettes to experiment and learn, facilitating research opportunities in critical industries.

The Cyber Range and Training Center features a 30- by 5.5-foot video wall and integrated audio/visual from classrooms across the GCI; expansion building capacity to create and host simulated environments; temperature, lighting and sound controls to create immersive scenarios; use experience data collection and technical logs for research purposes; and an executive box for VIP hosting and team breakout sessions.

The GCI hosts a 15-week Cybersecurity Bootcamp — an immersive training course to help people switch careers and join the cybersecurity workforce. The remote bootcamp integrates classroom and lab work with work experience in a simulated real world cyber business.


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RIT Cyber Range and Training Center
100 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, NY 14623