QCI Asset Management Inc.

Since 2018, QCI Asset Management Inc. has occupied a state-of-the-art facility on Route 96 in Bushnell’s Basin.

What was once a bland concrete building now features a modern exterior cased in Shou Sugi Ban, or charred cedar, an ancient Japanese technique of preserving wood. Large, weathered COR-TEN steel planters and a dry creek bed lead to a unique and peaceful outdoor sitting area, while the building’s signage is made of COR-TEN and illuminated at night.

QCI has adopted an open floor plan, complemented by floor-to-ceiling glass offices, multiple handmade edge wood conference tables in conference rooms and modern OLEDWorks lighting throughout the office. The lighting system is energy efficient and provides workers with a “happy light spectrum.”

A floating wood cloud adorns the lobby of the building and wood baffles run the perimeter of the ceiling on both floors. Workers are treated to a clean and elegant design and a highly modern and functional workspace.

Property Details
Name of the Place
QCI Asset Management Inc.
1040 Pittsford Victor Rd., Pittsford, NY 14534