Native Eatery and Bar

Perhaps the coolest features of Native Eatery and Bar are its enormous patio in the heart of downtown Rochester and its two walls of retractable glass doors.

Directly across from the Welcome to Rochester sign and Geva Theatre, Native’s space includes stairs from the patio that lead down to Geva and Washington Square Park, lending to the feeling that everyone is part of the unique experience that is Native.

The space, which features high ceilings and a rustic vibe in the dining area, was popular during the pandemic because of the ability to open the solar doors for airflow and dining on the patio.

Created in 2018, the casual upscale restaurant offers a unique menu that includes specialty pizzas, garden fare and entrees that include its Midtown Burger and Squid Ink Pappardelle. Libations are equally fun and range from mixed drinks that include the Spray Tan and Hibiscus of Life to an impressive array of bourbon, rye and scotch.

The space was created in 2018 by GC Ross and Steve Mueller of Mueller Electric, with help from Taylor, The Builders, and a variety of artists.

Property Details
Name of the Place
Native Eatery and Bar
180 South Clinton Ave Rochester, NY 14604