First American Equipment Finance

Perhaps one of the many reasons First American Equipment Finance earns a spot on the Fortune Best Place To Work list every year is the actual place of work.

First American’s space at 255 Woodcliff Drive in Perinton provides an inviting, collaborative environment where an abundance of windows and glass interior walls accentuate the emphasis on transparency as well as providing an abundance of natural light.

And employees don’t just get to enjoy the view from behind the glass. There’s an outdoor working patio as well.

The building’s location very much adds to the coolness appeal. Sitting high atop Monroe County, the views from within are serene. The locale also enables a host of perks, from walking trails to passes for the Woodcliff Hotel & Spa gym, pool and golf course. Where else is the outdoors so inviting that colleagues can conduct “walking meetings?”

Inside the workplace there is a laboratory filled with greenery and a meeting area featuring diner-style booths.

The building was constructed in 1998 and First American moved in in 1999. There have been several expansions over the years. The last several expansions have been designed by Hanlon Architects and the construction was completed by LeChase Construction.

Property Details
Name of the Place
First American Equipment Finance
255 Woodcliff Drive Fairport, New York 14450