RMSC’s Strasenburgh Planetarium

The Rochester Museum & Science Center’s (RMSC) Strasenburgh Planetarium is a space (get it?) where guests can journey across the universe through star shows, featured films and laser shows.

The 65-foot domed Strasenburgh Planetarium is unlike any other theater you’ve been in. To accommodate for the spatial needs of the Planetarium dome, architects created a uniquely circular blueprint that resulted in the sleek, curved concrete structure you see today. While there are still remnants of the original interior design from when the building opened in 1968, the Planetarium has received significant upgrades. Most impressively, the Planetarium’s new Digitstar projection system and Kvant and Pangolin Laser System create more vibrant, bright and clear images and colors than ever before.

While RMSC was closed due to the pandemic, the institution shared weekly Virtual Planetarium shows on its YouTube channel. Upon reopening, the staff at RMSC created policies and procedures to help ensure returning visitors are safe. 

Evans & Sutherland created the new Digistar Projection System used in the Planetarium. LaBella Associates did the architectural design for Planetarium lobby renovations in 2018. DGA Builders managed the construction of that Planetarium renovation. And Navitar Inc. donated two HemiStar HM4K-178 HL 4K fisheye projection lenses for the Digistar 6 projection system.

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RMSC's Strasenburgh Planetarium
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