McCann’s Local Meats

The butcher shop and restaurant at 739 S. Clinton Ave. is a model of transparency. 

Everything is open to view for the customer. Quartered beef and whole hogs are cut in full view of the customers. A rail system snakes through the cooler and into the cutting area to transport large hunks of meat. The kitchen is wide open as well, so customers can watch cooks prepare the food. 

All of the meat is sourced from farms within 60 miles of Rochester, so McCann’s is also helping support the local agricultural infrastructure of our region. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, McCann’s debuted its Meat Machines when it re-opened: Two refrigerated vending machines stocked with meat and prepared foods that are accessible 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Construction on the space began in January 2015, and McCann’s began occupying it in June of that year. 

Owner Kevin McCann designed the space. Hauk Construction did the carpentry. Bruce Desimone was the electrician. First Choice Glass handles the vestibule and storefront windows. Pete Quinzy handled all of the masonry work. Alpha Iron helped with support beams for the ceiling and meat rail system. And Rochester Store Fixture helped equip all of the coolers and kitchen needs.

Property Details
Name of the Place
McCann's Local Meats
739 S Clinton Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 328-6328