Just Juice 4 Life

Just Juice’s goal is to help people understand how all areas of their life are connected to their health and wellness. At 710 University Ave., the shop features a variety of juices and smoothies and also offers juice cleanse programs.

Founder Damaris Pinedo started her food venture in 2010 with Foods that Feed, which specialized in teaching and preparing raw vegan food. She renamed her business Just Juice 4 Life in 2012 when she decided to focus solely on juice.

Moving from startup to the current storefront took time, as Just Juice 4 Life opened its University Avenue location in 2017. At first it was a fixture at the Brighton Farmers Market, and then opened a shop on Park Avenue in 2013.

Just Juice 4 Life started selling its products at Hart’s Local Grocers in 2014, and then joined forces with M/Body to sell their juices at the boutique fitness studio on University Avenue. That arrangement lasted for two and a half years before Just Juice 4 Life needed more space and found its own University Avenue location.

In addition to selling juices, smoothies and juice cleanse programs, Just Juice 4 Life offers workshops and juice fasting retreats.

Property Details
Name of the Place
Just Juice 4 Life
710 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
(585) 434-2607