Frontier Field

So just what is it that makes Frontier Field a summer place to be in Rochester?

It could be the wholesome family atmosphere at Red Wings baseball game. Or maybe it’s an endless variety of food, from the ballpark staple – a Zweigle’s hot dog – to a Trash Cup, the stadium’s twist on the Nick Tahou’s garbage plate.

It’s also possible the allure comes from Club 3000, the private party area at suite level with the disco feel, or the Hard Ball Café, the group perch high atop the seating bowl along the first base line.

Maybe it’s the terrace seating behind the left field wall – not quite the Monster seats of Fenway Park, but still a unique view with a chance to snag a home run ball. It also could be the Foul Pole Patio that sits just behind the right field wall.

Or maybe it’s the lush berms down the left-field and right-field lines that provide kids a chance to frolic and chase foul balls.

Actually, it’s all of the above, and more. Since the Red Wings played the first baseball game at Frontier Field in 1997, the downtown ballpark has been on a jewel of Rochester’s entertainment scene.

And even with minor-league baseball shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic this summer, the Red Wings hosted Dinners on the Diamond and created a drive-in movie theater in the parking lot.

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