Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures

If you’ve ever watched creatures in nature soar above the forest floor or bounce from tree to tree, and wondered what it’s like, you can find out at Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures.

While Bristol Mountain may be a winter wonderland for skiers and snowboard enthusiasts, there’s a whole new set of exploits to tackle before the snow flies.

Created in 2014 within the forest some 2,200 feet up Bristol Mountain, the park features an array of mid-air endeavors. You can ride a snowboard through the air from tree to tree, traverse the forest on a rope bridge and ride nearly a mile worth of zip lines.

There are two locales, the zipline canopy tour and the aerial adventure park, and the outings include expert guidance from staff members.

You’ll find out there is no right or wrong way to conquer the trail. There is, however, an easy way and a hard way. The guides can provide you with the secret to both.

The aerial adventure park features seven trails of ziplines, bridges, tight rope walks and skateboards, ranging from easy to extreme. The zipline canopy tour includes the 5,000-plus feet of rides, the longest of which is 1,600 feet, as well as fantastic views of the Bristol Mountain Valley.

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Bristol Mountain Aerial Adventures
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