Located in Tower280 in Rochester’s central business district, the headquarters of Bergmann features a number of cool and notable design elements. The engineering and architectural firm moved its headquarters to the second floor of the 17-story building in 2016.

When the firm decided to make Tower280 its new home, the company’s focus was on designing a contemporary environment and engaging atmosphere where employees could interact professionally and socially with each other, with clients and with guests. The firm used its own team to design the space, which includes a central café area, which provides an open and comfortable environment for staffers to gather.

In addition to views of downtown Rochester from all sides of its offices, Bergmann’s site offers open workstations that group employees with colleagues for seamless collaboration and strategically placed focus areas and collaboration rooms.

The office is designed to be a hub for all employees, whether they call the Rochester office their home or not. The central location of Tower280 and incredible views from all areas of Bergmann’s office are what make the site unique, and on any given day, team members can look out their windows and see projects they worked on.

—Velvet Spicer

Property Details
Name of the Place
280 E Broad St #200, Rochester, NY 14604
(585) 232-5135